Coffeehouse & Roastery

We have you covered with our mugs made in-house!

Love Kaldi's? Show it with one of our extra soft shirts!

Specialty roasted coffee beans and homemade bakery treats produced by us!

Meet our Creator & Head Roaster

Marcia Cox is brewing up a storm and sharing the love - my passion for coffee is what drives me. Roasting my own blends, I'm dedicated to creating unique experiences with every cup. Sipping coffee, savoring the moments & stories around it. Crafting my own escape with each cup while connecting to the world around me. Join me in this journey for an unforgettable experience!

Freshly Roasted Beans & Handcrafted Beverages

We roast our coffee beans in-house then craft the perfect beverage with passion and love. From light to dark roast, espresso to pour-over, we have something for everyone!

Woman-owned Coffee 

Shop & Roastery

We’re proud to be a woman owned coffee shop & roasters that prioritizes quality. We aim to create  space for women in the coffee industry, and we hope you join us!

Positive Vibe & Community

We believe in positivity! Our cozy atmosphere is perfect for taking a break from work or studying. At Kaldi's, we're more than a coffee shop - we’re a community. Come join us!